Two men barged into the home of the Sorima’s before dawn looking for Edicer to ask him some questions. They took him outside and soon after, the family heard the sound of four gunshots. A witness to the killing described the horrific scene. Edicer was seen to have been on his knees begging the men to spare him. The men did not give in and shot Edicer four times – in the chest, in the nape, and twice in the face. Edicer was a younger brother to William. He was confounded with what had happened despite Duterte’s suspension of the drug war just a few days before the killing. William admits that Edicer was an occasional drug user but was not a pusher because he had no money to become one. That day, Edicer had his checkup at the National Center for Mental Health. For nine years, Edicer had been suffering from a psychiatric disorder.

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