Alvin Ronald “Heart” De Chavez was a transgender woman, sibling of Analyn, and a child to Elena. In the Sunday preceding her death, Heart was arrested by the police after having her phone confiscated and finding text conversations about drug transactions. Elena told that the cops  made a deal with her that they will set Heart free if given 50,000 pesos. Despite only being able to come up with 10,000 pesos, the cops claimed the money and released Heart. Sunday came and armed men forcefully entered their home, pulled Heart outside, and shot her four times through her brain, lungs, liver, and parts of his heart. Elena found Heart’s body a few minutes later. Amidst the uncertainty of her child’s life, she told him, “You did not listen to us.” Relatives were admittedly open that Heart sold drugs but they did not condone her actions. One might describe Heart as stubborn; that despite being berated repeatedly to stop selling, she insisted. Some may think otherwise upon knowing that Heart sold drugs looking to earn extra money for her family’s food.

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