Rampant repression and persecution, oftentimes violent, underscore the response of the Duterte administration towards dissidents. Documentation of these incidences, however, has hardly included narratives from the Visayas region. Centering on the province of Cebu, the study documents the experiences of Cebuanos who dared express dissent to the policies of the Duterte administration and the consequences of their actions. It employs life stories from long time human rights activist in Cebu, key informant interviews with human rights workers, media practitioners, and activists, analysis of secondary data to determine the existence of dissent and its various forms in Cebu against the policies of the Duterte administration, and examine the consequences of dissident actions. In addition, the study documents the state-inflicted violence/human rights violations happening in Cebu, identifies who the dissidents are, and determine their responses to state repression.