Deadliest Place to Deal

BBC investigates the killings linked to the war on drugs in Metro Manila. 

Dissecting Data: Is it safer to live in PH after war on drugs?

ABS-CBN presents data on the state of killings, drug war operations, and crime rate in the country.

Duterte drug war: Manila’s brutal nightshift

BBC News’ short documentation of the drug war with Raffy Lerma, a photojournalist who covers the killings at night.

Duterte's Hell

Aaron Goodman and Luis Liwanag document the killings on the street following Duterte’s war on drugs.

Duterte’s New War

Where thousands of people have already been killed under the war on drugs, another war is launched against communist insurgents in the country following the declaration of a state of emergency in the island of Negros. Extrajudicial killings are being committed and the death toll continues to rise. 101 East takes a closer investigation on Duterte’s new war.

Duterte’s War on Drugs and Those Reporting It

Duterte’s war on drugs has already claimed thousands of lives of Filipino people both innocent and accused of using and selling drugs. However, Al Jazeera shows that media practitioners and human rights defenders too are now being implicated and accused of protecting drug suspects in the war on drugs. 

Horror of the Philippines’ drug war

Horror of the Philippines’ drug war is a documentary of CBC News following a night of the photographers covering series of murder incidents in Manila. It shows how Duterte’s war on drugs affected the lives of poor Filipinos.

Huling Gabi

In this episode of iWitness, Howie Severino further looks into the events of extrajudicial killings by interviewing families of the victims, looking at police reports, and talking with police officers and human rights organizations.  

Inside the Philippines' Bloody War on Drugs

This is a short documentary of Univision News following the start of drug war in the Philippines in the context of killings in Manila.

On President’s Orders

A full documentary by Frontline on President Rodrigo Duterte’s drug war in the Philippines.

Project Duterte: Law Enforcement or Mass Terror? The Philippines’ War on Drugs

(Drug Use and Trafficking Elimination through Rehabilitation, Training and Enforcement)

This documentary features cases of drug-related killings and crimes under the Duterte administration.

Rodrigo Duterte: A President's Report Card

This documentary tells the story of the first few months of Duterte in power. It contains exclusive interviews which provides the perspective of the president on the war on drugs in the Philippines.

Rodrigo Duterte: Guns, goons and the presidency

This episode of 101 East follows the campaign journey of Rodrigo Duterte from being a mayor of Davao City to being a candidate for the highest position in the country. This documentary focuses on what makes Duterte different from other Philippine politicians as he promises to eliminate drugs, poverty, and corruption in the country.

The Nightcrawlers

This is a documentary by the National Geographic Channel that follows photojournalists who cover the bloody drug war in the Philippines under President Rodrigo Duterte.

The short life of and complicated death of Kristita Padual

CBC News followed the story of a dead female body slumped on a monobloc chair in the streets of Quezon City. The documentary also narrates the struggle of the poor to find means to sustain funeral costs in burying their dead in the drug war. 

The Philippines’ war on drugs

This is a short account of the drug war in the Philippines. SkyNews documents the killings in Quezon City and how the urban poor has been associated with the drug trade because of poverty.